To Blog or to Vlog?

My trip to France is now only a month away and I have been thinking about how to record it. Keeping a blog last year took a lot of discipline but it was well worth it. It is great to be able to go back and revisit each of the stages and the memories.

This year I am thinking about keeping a video diary, or a vlog as I believe the youngsters call it.

I had a trial run on a recent trip down to Bright in Victoria. The following videos capture some of my rides and a few thoughts on some topics connected to riding in France with Le Loop.

#1 – What to pack? (Especially for the mountains)

#2 – Riding up and down mountains

#3 – The social side of the Tour – Guest appearance from my wife Robyn, she normally generates a lot more interest on social media than me, this may be the one to watch.

#4 – Bike stuff