Swan Dive

We had a different project to focus on once I got back from France. What a fabulous day we had participating in the Red Bull Flugtag. Robyn was our pilot and flew with style.

Charity Work

There appears to be an increasing competition for charitable donations. Maybe social media and today’s connected world gives me more visibility of the good things people are doing, but this wouldn’t explain why the streets of Sydney seem to be filled … Continue reading

What Next?

We have been home for a while now and on todays ride we were discussing our trip to France. We did a quick video to say thank you to everybody who sposored us, to share our highlights and to look to the future.

Top Of The Pops

It’s not all Lycra, training plans and travel schedules in the Reeve household. Yesterday we had a family trip out. Last year I had purchased tickets to go and see a popular pop duo called, Twenty One Pilots. Never heard of … Continue reading


We are teaching our eldest to drive. I say we but the reality is that Robyn has taken on the task. It has been agreed by all parties that my involvement would not be a good thing. You can start … Continue reading

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Twinkle Twinkle

If you want to be a Little Star this Christmas then why not make a donation to support a great cause and to give us added motivation as we cycle around the Tour De France route next year. For behaving like a star we want to … Continue reading

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Cool or not?

“Cool?”, I asked my teenagers.  “Not cool!”, they replied in unison.  “But we will look like we are from a proper team, we could get matching kit.”  “So not cool”, came the reply. We had not set out to get … Continue reading

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One and a half

The route for next years Tour De France has been out for a few weeks now. Interesting for those that follow this sort of thing, compelling if you are planning to ride the entire route next year. It didn’t really matter … Continue reading

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