Stage 13 – The shortest stage in tour history

Today we rode what will be the shortest stage in tour history. A mere 104 km but we still climed 2,200 meters over 3 category 1 climbs. To put today into perspective a ride like this was a big weekend ride before we started training for the tour.

After 13 days I’m still smiling

Being on tour is all about perspective. If you don’t step back and appreciate where you are and what is going on you can get caught up in the detail of the daily tour life. Bike problems, kit malfunctions, whatever it is that you personally find irksome can detract from what you are here to do. I am here to enjoy myself, spend some quality time with Robyn and test myself physically and mentally.

Today was hot, we also had 2 coach transfers one at the begining and the other at the end of the stage. Factor in that after yesterday’s long stage we didn’t eat until 10pm and only got to bed after 11.30pm, and it would have been easy to just put your head down and get through today.

We made it up another mountain pass

But when you stop, step back and appreciate that you are spending a Friday pedalling your bike around the beautiful Pyrenees it changes things completely. Even the challenging climbs become in a strange way enjoyable as you struggle to get up them. The memories will last forever any pain or frustration you endure is just temporary.

Rider briefing of what the day ahead will be like in a cafe before we set off

Not a bad view from the desk