Stage 11 – All change

My tour changed today. Robyn has arrived to ride the final 10 stages.

Hot today so we stopped for an ice cream

I spent all of today’s 200km ride looking forward to seeing her. After spending so much time training together to spend the last few weeks apart has been odd.

When I arrived at the hotel she hadn’t arrived so I had a massage, did my washing and even checked her bike out so she is already to ride tomorrow.

The first thing you do when you are on tour is attend a rider briefing where the logistics and how everything runs is explained. This reminded me of our first briefing all those days ago in Düsseldorf, and the apprehension and nervousness I felt. I asked Robyn how she was feeling and she said it was a mixture of excitement and nerves, which is the same for everybody.

Tomorrow is a big day in the Pyrenees Mountains. My strategy of riding within yourself, minimise times at feedstop and remembering to enjoy yourself is still in play. We will just ride to Robyn’s pace ad make sure we induct her into tour life safely.

Cold lemon drinks also got us through today