Stage 10 – A day in the life

Before the start of the day, I was going for sartorial elegance, apparently I looked more like a sailor, and not a straight one!

I still maintain this is a holiday, it is also part endurance challenge and a lesson in time management. We spend all our days riding, it’s what goes on when we are not sat in the saddle that keeps us on tour. Here is a day in the life of the tour.

6.20am – Alarm, this is late today as we don’t have to start the day with a bus transfer before we set off. Stand up, sit down as legs collapse. Repeat then chuck on some Lycra for the day and go to breakfast.

6.30am – Breakfast is a buffet and plenty of it, stuff face as full as I can with anything you fancy. Talk about coming day to other bleary eyed riders.

6.45am РReturn to the room tidy oneself up for the day. Pack bag and drop it down to the van for transfer to the next hotel.

7.30am – Prepare to ride, bikes are normally at the front of the hotel so a bit of bike faf and make sure that day bags, bags that go to the feed stops with any extra kit you made need on the road during the day, are in the right vans. There are 2 vans, feedstop 1 & 3 and feedstop 2 and 4.

8.00am – Peloton rides out together to the first feedstop. It’s about 40 km and we ride at a comfortable pace allowing people to chat and meet different folk

Sign in sheet

Feedstop 1 – 40km ish. When you arrive at feedstop one you wait for all the riders to get there. There is no point in racing as you will stand around. The routine at all the stops is to sign in so organisation knows where you are, clean hands and eat something.

Feedstop 2 – 80 km ish. The sun is shining and we are making good time today, another chance to grab some food and have a breather

Feedstop  3 Р120km ish. This is the lunchstop so there is rice or pasta to eat. Beautiful scenery today so have to stop for a photo or 2.

Feedstop 4 – last feedstop of the day, my favourite as it is a sugar fest, chocolate, fizzy drink and crisps to get you home.

Arrive at the hotel, we have covered 191km in 6 hours 26 minute. Tonight this is the best hotel by far. Shower, hand wash kit and turn the room into a laundry, get everything ready for an early start tomorrow then go to the bar for a quick drink before dinner

Best hotel of the tour so far, dinner in a nice barn

8pm – Dinner is a social affair with everybody on tour eating together. Lots of banter and plenty of food then a briefing on what to expect tomorrow. There are also a couple of awards to hand out, the Chapeau for the rider who has done something good during the day and the duck for somebody who has committed a crime against the peloton.

9.30 – Back to the room for a final prep for the next day then it’s bed.

Repeat for another 13 stages!

Very excited Robyn arrives tomorrow.

Paul Jukes has been looking after me until Robyn arrives